Experienced technicians, detailed standard work and rigorous quality control ensure your components are repaired on time and on spec.

TPS is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) repair station that specializes in testing and maintaining pneumatic components for commercial, business and military aircraft. Operating advanced equipment designed to meet the high-quality standards of the airline industry, TPS is able to diagnose and repair systems to the standards established by the OEMs. The difference is that we achieve these results in less time and at a lower cost than the OEMs. In fact, our average turnaround time is well under the 30-day industry benchmark. Our advanced bar-coded inventory system also saves time and energy, resulting in increased efficiency and savings for customers. Our inventory is managed by a team of dedicated product buyers. We turn problems into solutions so you don’t have to worry.

TPS Aerospace Pneumatics operates from a 23,000 square foot facility in two buildings with three concrete block test cells located adjacent to the work areas. A separate attached building houses three 400-horsepower Ingersoll-Rand XLE and one 150-horsepower Ingersoll-Rand ESH high-pressure compressor, 3000-gallon air receiver, air dryer, intercoolers, after coolers and electrical switchgear. Located above the test cells are 8 inch diameter stainless steel piping and pressure regulating valves. Heated air is provided by two Gaumer electrical air heaters capable of producing 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit air at 300 PSI in the valve test cell and 550 degrees Fahrenheit air in the ACM/starter test cell. The Stockroom and Purchasing areas are located in a separate building connected by a breeze way.

Our capabilities include the repair of:

  • Cooling Turbines/Starters/PDU’s

Test cell number one is setup to test air turbine starters, air cycle machines/cooling turbines and PDU’s from the smaller corporate/commuter types through the newest generation of wide body commercial aircraft. Separate computerized test consoles are located outside of the test cell, housing all gauges and controls.

  • Electrically Driven Fans, Motors & Auxiliary Components

Test cell number two is setup to test AC and DC electrically driven fans, motors and other electrical accessories.

  • Valves

Test cell number three contains a valve test console, universal valve test stand and high-flow altitude chamber for pneumatic valve testing at less than ambient pressures. This cell contains all controls for low (105 PSI) and high pressure (350 PSI) air and vacuum.

Our large facility contains three test cells, which allow for the following test capabilities:

  • Pressure to 350 PSIG
  • Airflow to 550 PPM
  • Heated Air to 1,000 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Three 400 HP Ingersoll Rand Compressors
  • One 150 HP Ingersoll Rand High-Pressure Compressor
  • High Flow Vacuum Chamber
Stan Greenleaf
Director, Business Development
Fort Worth, TX USA
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