Founded in 1994 in order to deliver fast, reliable and cost effective pneumatic repair and overhaul meeting OEM requirements

Established in 1994, TPS Aerospace (TPS) is the combined company of Texas Pneumatics Systems, Turbine Fuel Systems, and Aviation Industry Repair. The company was started with the goal of delivering three distinct benefits – superior quality, quick turnaround times and cost effective repairs. Today, they meet all OEM requirements for testing pneumatic and fuel valves, restarters, air cycle machines (ACMs), cooling turbines and pneumatic drive units (PDUs), submersible pumps, engine-driven and boost pumps, auxiliary power units (APUs) and fuel controls.

In September, 2016 TPS Aerospace was acquired by Aviation Technical Services (ATS) to better support customer needs by expanding their breadth of capabilities to service new types of components. Headquartered in Everett, Washington,  ATS has been providing maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for commercial and military aircraft for more than 45 years.

At TPS our specialties include:

  • Cooling Turbines/Starters/PDU’s

Test cell number one is setup to test air turbine starters, air cycle machines/cooling turbines and PDU’s from the smaller corporate/commuter types through the newest generation of wide body commercial aircraft. Separate computerized test consoles are located outside of the test cell, housing all gauges and controls.

  • Electrically Driven Fans, Motors & Auxiliary Components

Test cell number two is setup to test AC and DC electrically driven fans, motors and other electrical accessories.

  • Valves

Test cell number three contains a valve test console, universal valve test stand and high-flow altitude chamber for pneumatic valve testing at less than ambient pressures. This cell contains all controls for low (105 PSI) and high pressure (350 PSI) air and vacuum.

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